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Emmanuel MievilleEmmanuel Mieville

Emmanuel Mieville is a Paris born composer who studied in a cinema school in the sound engineer section, and learned musique concrète at the GRM. His approach to experimental music and soundscape composition was fueled by constant listening of creative radio programs since his childhood. He realised many radio shows for french national broadcasting(France-Culture and France-Musique), for example music for shakuhachi, voice and electronics. He is a guest composer for Framework’s field recordings based shows, on Resonance FM, produced by Patrick Mc Kinley. He practised ethnic instruments such as Javanese gamelan for two years in Paris.

His concern for aural perception, and memories engraved in urban and wildlife environements, yields compositions where soundfield materials are layered, mixed and sometimes transformed by effects. The portrayal of a specific location, with its blurred and erratic sonic emotions, reaching the ears, is what he aims, interpreting and composing the « concrete » substance to convey it to the listener.

He has had collaborations with Buto dancers, video artists and improvises with fellow musicians, such as Eric Cordier, Guido Huebner, Benjamin Thigpen, Heesok Yu, among others. His electroacoustic pieces have been played in festivals by Motus and Licences-Brulures des langues (France), in Spain (Confluencias), Italy (finalist of the Udine composition competiton). He performed concerts, and improvised with musicians in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Germany. He is also interpret of other's music: K.H. Stockhausen, with the CLSI, an innovative laptop group. He has released music on labels such as Tibprod (with Töre H.Boe), XingWu, Lona records, Obs, Crónica and Baskaru.

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» Emmanuel Mieville on Baskaru : "Four Wanderings In Tropical Lands" (karu:19)
» Emmanuel Mieville official website : emieville.free.fr