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Stephan Mathieu - Un Coeur SimpleStephan Mathieu - Un Coeur Simple
karu:24, CD (digipak)
8 audio tracks, (p) 2013
Release date: 04/02/2013

Felicity... now

Stephan Mathieu's latest album "Un Coeur Simple" features music made for a play based on Gustave Flaubert's novel by the same title (known in the English world as "A Simple Heart") and first published in 1877 as part of the book Trois Contes (Three Tales). That setting – a modern rereading of an old tale, which at the time stood as a character study of Flaubert's contemporaries – is just perfect for Mathieu's music.
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1 Maison 04:46
2 Mémoire 07:00
3 Eglise 04:50
4 Port 09:15
5 Perroquet 03:20
6 Devenir Sourd 05:22
5 Félicité 05:00
mp3 / m3u
8 Trace 15:25


Video: 9am by Caro Mikalef / Music: Un Coeur Simple by Stephan Mathieu

Press quotes

Entre fluidité sensuelle et brisures imaginatives.

Dense et fourni.
RIFRAF, May 2013

Beautiful warm atmospheres.
LOOP, April 2013

Another impressive work.

An absorbing reverie.
GOMAG, April 2013

DE:BUG, March 2013

"Un Coeur Simple" still holds the resounding features that have made Mathieu a recognized name in the experimental world, and that in itself is a reason to revel in its radiance.

Amazing depth and unexpected accumulation of layer upon layer.
KINDAMUZIK, March 2013

"Un Coeur Simple" is an excellent representative recording of Mathieu's artistry.
TEXTURA, March 2013

ALL ABOUT JAZZ, March 2013

A spectrum of glowing harmonics, sheer tones and awning drones sounding quite unlike those made by any other artist.
BOOMKAT, February 2013

Un album où des lieux, des personnages mais aussi des moments prennent corps à travers la matière sonore épurée de Mathieu, toujours à la recherche d'une lenteur capable de rendre tangible de légères variations, leur donner un poids manifeste, les rendant ainsi significatives.
PINKUSHION, February 2013

The end result is a fascinating collage of acoustic sounds that represent a whimsical sense of modernity versus antiquity.
A CLOSER LISTEN, February 2013

Long ambient chimes that suggest religiosity, ascendance and steadfastness of belief that almost treads into ECM territory.
THE LIMINAL, February 2013

A solid relase.
BLACK AUDIO, February 2013

"Un Coeur Simple" is a window into a more intimate and emotional Stephan Mathieu.
AFTERPOP, February 2013

CYCLIC DEFROST, February 2013

Another one of great quality.
VITAL WEEKLY, February 2013

One of his most complete and accessible works.
MUSIC WON'T SAVE YOU, February 2013

Stephan Mathieu signe ici son oeuvre la plus aboutie.
SWQW, February 2013