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Toshimaru Nakamura + Ken Ikeda + Tomoyoshi Date - Green HeightsToshimaru Nakamura + Ken Ikeda + Tomoyoshi Date - Green Heights
karu:26, CD (digipak)
5 audio tracks, (p) 2013
Release date: 01/10/2013

Heightened Sound

Baskaru is proud to present this gorgeous collaboration among three masters of sound experimentation, all three great artists whose soundworlds turn out to be incredibly complementary. Tomoyoshi Date's toy piano and field recordings bring a lightness that has very seldom been witnessed in the projects of Toshimaru Nakamura, whose specialty is the no-input mixing board. As for Ken Ikeda, he uses antiquated equipment (like the DX7 synthesizer) to create unheard-of sonics that bridge the gap between one's naive approach and the raw minimalism of the other's feedback work.
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1 Balcony I - α 10:10
mp3 / m3u
2 Balcony I - β 09:09
3 Balcony II 09:33
4 Balcony III - γ 12:26
5 Balcony III - δ 14:01


Press quotes

A masterful piece of work.

Un album beau et rêveur dans une veine abstraite manifestement impeccable.
LIABILITY, December 2013

Very creative and very interesting.
MUSIC PAPER, December 2013

The splendor of the sky against the dark soil.
CARNAGE NEWS, December 2013

Just lovely.
NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, November 2013

Cubist and strangely magnetic pieces.
ROCKDELUX, November 2013

This unlikely trio combines three very different experimental aesthetics into one strangely complementary whole.
EAR INFLUXION, November 2013

A thoroughly enjoyable album.
BLACK, November 2013

An improv-style Japanese supergroup.
DE:BUG, November 2013

Nakamura has developed something of an imposing reputation in the cross-continental underground, which makes it all the more pleasing that this collaboration has come to light courtesy of the excellent Baskaru label.
ROCK-A-ROLLA, October 2013

Piercing pure tones which bear and envelop the textures of gently entancing melodies.
CHAIN D.L.K., October 2013

Une musique minimaliste, très colorée, qui joue sur une forme de ravissement.

Une très bonne introduction aux musiques électroacoustiques et réductionnistes.
DMUTE, October 2013

A great collaboration between three masters of sound experimentation.
ATMOSFERA, October 2013

Cozy, safe and snug in pastel shades.
KINDAMUZIK, October 2013

Tous les trois fabriquent une féérie musicale où le souffle et le réverbéré participent à une sensation de flou et de trouble.
METAMKINE, October 2013

With Baskaru, surprises are always good. Who would have thought that with the strict Onkyo master Nakamura, playful music could be created?
DE:BUG, October 2013

A highly enjoyable and excellent release.
VITAL WEEKLY, September 2013