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Laurent PerrierLaurent Perrier

From his industrial beginnings in Nox to his record industry adventures with the store/label Odd Size, from the electronica/breakbeat temptations of Cape Fear to the slow maturation of his Zonk't project, Laurent Perrier has consistently pushed his soundworld toward ever-more singular pastures. His fundamental search for the sensuality in the grain of sound, in its most powerful and disquieting eccentricities, finally led him to the fringes of artistic production, where genre barriers break down to let total, transversal art roam free. Perrier gradually invested the fields of video art, then mostly dance and theatre, working with Odile Duboc, Pietragalla, Alban Richard, Pedro Pauwels, Les Ballets de l'Europe/Jean-Charles Gil, Christian Bourigault, Philippe Ulysse, Toufik o.i, Laurence Wagner, Thomas Lebrun, Cécile Loyer and Yann Lheureux. His recent endeavours saw him cross into video installation and contemporary art as he worked on projects by Dominik Barnier for Marseille 2013.

Nowadays, he plays electronic music concerts under various aliases (Zonk't, Pylône, Heal, Cape Fear, LP), accompanied by his own video works.

The music Perrier develops in real time is abstracted, both organic and cerebral. It draws a vacant land pervious to density, highlighting, and sound range. His music distillates an extremely minimal "dubby" line, a rather cold ambience that ties capricious electronic tones up in an ascetic yet comfortable corset, chassés-croisés obeying to a complex and sophisticated structure. Near-surgical precision confronted to an environment yet ever-changing through playful games of modulation. This way, he manages to capture listeners and take them on a long hypnotic journey that leads to dreamier tracks. His video works develop in perfect synergy with sound. He often borrows material from dance films or abstract images whose components, colours and lighting he transforms.

Perrier has also been approached by Peugeot/Citröen to work as sound designer on their future electric cars.

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