Baskaru - contemporary electronic music & sound art
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Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais collaborate as @c since 2000, developing a very distinctive approach to computer music and sound art. They have released more than a dozen CDs and digital editions and participated in several compilations. Performing regularly, they sometimes join forces with Austrian digital artist Lia in audiovisual live acts or in the creation of installations and video pieces. Carvalhais (Porto, 1974) is a communication designer and a musician. He teaches at the Design Department of the University of Porto. Tudela (Viseu, 1962) is an artist, musician and stage designer. He teaches at the Painting Department of the University of Porto.

Some festivals and venues: Ars Electronica, EMAF, ICA, La Casa Encendida, LEM, Netmage, Netwerk, Offf, Pixelache, Sonica, Sonic Acts, Transmediale, Zemos98...

Some collaborations: Lia, Aki Onda, Drumming percussion group, Gert-Jan Prins, Gintas K, Gustavo Costa, Marc Behrens, Manuel Mota, Raymond MacDonald, Paulo Raposo, Pure, Vitor Joaquim...

Labels: Baskaru, Crónica, Feld, Grain of Sound, Index, Ristretto, Sirr, Sonic Acts, ZKM.

» @c on Baskaru : "Music For Empty Spaces" (karu:18)
» @c official website : www.at-c.org
» Pedro Tudela official website : www.pedrotudela.org
» Miguel Carvalhais official website : www.carvalhais.org