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(etre) is the (post-)digital music project of Italian artist Salvatore Borrelli. Borrelli started his sound research during the 90's, experimenting with field-recordings of empty rooms and consequent amplification of silence.

In 1999, Borrelli took part in the collective installation "For Armoured Stanza" for the Shinano Art Museum, with a contribution of 5 audio fragments based on lexical compositions for two voices, one Korean and one German. The result was a plurality of informal and non-significant substances, predominated by the form and the metaphor, not by the meaning.

In 2000, Borrelli contributed one third of the sounds for an exhibition for the Afrikaanse Taalmuseum. His composition was coupled with paintings from local artists.

In 2001, (etre) re-processed a large part of his first electroacoustic experiments for interior decorator Lin-Kuhn Liao. He designed 8 foam rubber carpets as a sonic-ambient dispositive for continuous reiterations. The flow of the sound was started with interruption by the passage over the carpet, and stopped while moving on the carpet, producing a sort of disenchantment of the mobility.

With ceramist Fabrizio Quintelmo, (etre) conceived "C_Velocity_Sound(s)", an acoustic disaster generated from the sound of shattered ash-trays made of clay. The ash-trays were released from a plane at different velocities, then recorded at their landing. The resulting sound was recorded on 10 microtapes installed onto 10 vases.

In January 2002, (etre) leaved his studies to devote himself to installations of unusual objects and to deepen the infinite universe of digital sound art. Since then he has used his personal experiments in performance art and in interactive technologies to act on his own body, as well as on the sounds, and even sometimes on the spectators. He uses different typologies of media which he manipulates in real-time (neon, ice, glass, fire, colours and chemical substances, robots, radios, metals, ethnic instruments), elaborating a doughty mixture between abstraction, free music and glitches, with a particular approach which consists in producing a stratification whose purpose is to move away from the primary element, in a constant relationship between the origin and the becoming, the relativity of intact forms and the complexity of the body.

Between 2003 and 2006, (etre) took part in numerous festivals of electronic music such as SUPERFICI SONORE in Florence, ITALIAN LIVE MEDIA, DISLAB/DISSONANZE in Rome, INTERFERENZE, etc...

During his live sets, (etre) uses patches created with Max/Msp, extending the criterion of total improvisation in an extemporaneous way, and passing through the electronic research and the praxis of the body. He has also developed a special type of sound called wall-recording, a sound generated from the auscultation of the walls. He was a founding member of the collective iXem and he regularly writes in jounals such as Cyberzone and Sands-Zine.

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» (etre) official website : salvatoreborrelli.tumblr.com