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Michael Santos - The Happy ErrorMichael Santos - The Happy Error
karu:11, CD (digipak)
11 audio tracks, (p) 2008
Release date: August 2008

With Michael Santos, happiness is just an error away...

UK electronic artist Michael Santos releases his first widely distributed, commercially available album. "The Happy Error" features 11 tracks of soft sonic textures articulated over subtle chords and harmonic changes. The music on "The Happy Error" is resolutely cinematic, without falling for the usual trappings of the genre. The album offers songs without words in which digital glitches and computer filters replace vocals, bringing in a different kind of warmth.
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1 The Happy Error 04:38
2 Balloon 02:15
3 Swing Deluxe 06:48
mp3 / m3u
4 Ajax 02:05
5 Supercolour 05:08
6 Hopefully Helsinki 07:11
7 Bamboo Scaffolding 01:37
8 Big Shifty 07:45
9 Local 04:34
10 Upper Cosh 05:02
11 Returning Champion 05:00


Press quotes

Une expérience sensorielle délicate qui trouve une résonance parfaite dans le cadre esthétique toujours particulièrement choisi du label Baskaru.
OCTOPUS, December 2008

Santos' opus stands as a highlight among the experimental releases of 2008.
GEIGER, December 2008

An admirable display of the Leeds-based artist's knack for creating what the press release accurately defines as "songs without words in which digital glitches and computer filters replace vocals".

L'Hotel Paral.lel de Fennesz trouve aujourd'hui son digne successeur dans The Happy Error de Michael Santos.
D-SIDE, November 2008

A beautiful album, and an important debut that may foreshadow very interesting developments.
NEURAL.IT, November 2008

It's hard to argue against this sort of beauty.
THE WIRE, November 2008

Michael Santos ha confezionato uno dei migliori album dell'anno nell'ambito dei microsuoni.
ROCKERILLA, October 2008

"The Happy Error" is an absolutely wonderful album.
DE:BUG, October 2008

A powerful and sensuous chapter in Santos' discography.
EARLABS, September 2008

Mesmerizing soundscapes.
LOOP, September 2008

Un album magique résonnant des mille et une circonvolutions du traitement digital.
MUSICAREACTION, September 2008

Subtle, gorgeous and highly recommended.
SMALLFISH, September 2008

A sheer delight to listen to, and a masterpiece from a promising label.
WHITE_LINE, August 2008

Un album fort recommandable.
ONDEFIXE, August 2008

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