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Pirandèlo is the meeting between Andrea Gabriele, Marita Cosma and Claudio Sinatti, respectively involved into the music, the images and the videos of this new collaborative project.

Pirandèlo is a folder of music, photography, videos and writing; the medium of a journey that starts from an organic and tangible abstraction to a cinematic and synaesthetic narration.

The Pirandèlo' shows propose a mix-media performance winding musical genres close to electronica, ambient, pop and jazz; while the images and the videos are characterized by the 'humidity' proper to the film: soft atmospheres, blurred, lighted, wet and dry. Cinematic synaesthesia.

Andrea Gabriele (1981-2015)
Andrea Gabriele

Andrea Gabriele (it)

Andrea Gabriele is a musician, sound designer, software developer and events curator. He plays music since 1994
Andrea Gabriele
with electronic devices, acoustic instruments and all the sounds around. He composes original music and sound design for videos, commercials, exhibitions and realizes interactive audio-video installations. He worked for brands such as MTV, BMW, Breil, Pirelli, Arena, Heineken, Ballantyne Cashmere...

Andrea Gabriele released records with the band Tu M' (until 2003), then as Mou, Lips!, since 2003 as Pirandèlo together with Claudio Sinatti and Marita Cosma, and with many other projects from experimental to disco music. His shows - featuring real time audio-video interaction - have been presented at the main electronic art festivals around Europe (Netmage, PEAM, Avril.dot, Dissonanze, Sintesi, Kals'art, Sprawl), and his records are distributed in Japan, USA and Europe.

Together with Luigi Pagliarini, Andrea Gabriele is the main curator and organizer of PEAM (Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting). He made lectures about sound design and interactive installations in art schools such as Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti (NABA) in Milano. He works at Post-Post Studio.

Marita Cosma (it)

Marita Cosma is a photographer and writer. Her photos
have been published in the magazine "Musica" in the Italian
Marita Cosma
daily newspaper "La Repubblica", the national magazine "Glamour", and the websites of "Basebog", "Ixem", "Avatar 41°", "Peam", "Mou, Lips!", etc...

Cosma studied photography, cinema, screenplay and acting in California in 2001, realizing a documentary about students' riot in '68 at Isla Vista. She later studied the Sciences of Communication and Photography at the University of Padova. She published the story "I Kill Him" for "Michele Di Salvo Editore" and for the magazine "La Mongolfiera" edited by the books store "Il Becco Giallo". She wrote the script of a theatre opera together with the director Guido Ostanel.

Marita Cosma has made exhibitions in Padova (Galleria Della Stua), Pescara (Ecoteca), Tours (Le Café), Amiens (La Briquetterie), the installation "Falena" at Peam 2004, as well as other audio-visual performances with Andrea Gabriele. She was a member of the collectives Ixem and Elec.

Claudio Sinatti (it)

Claudio Sinatti is a director, video designer and multimedia
artist. He started his career as a director of music promos
for Italian pop artists and bands such as Casino Royale,
Claudio Sinatti
Neffa, Carmen Consoli, Articolo 31, Alex Britti, Africa Unite, 99 Posse. This activity was soon complemented by personal art projects.

In 1999 Sinatti founded the collective Sun Wu-Kung, a project for audio-visual experimentation that drew together videomakers, photographers, animators, illustrators and musicians. Sinatti continued his exploration of the possible frontiers of live electronics through numerous collaborations with musicians such as Christian Fennesz, Ulrich Troyer, Scanner, Andrea Gabriele and Marita Cosma in the Pirandèlo project, Sergio Messina in the live media project Crop, with the Neapolitan duo Retina.It, with Pierpaolo Leo, with Marco Messina of 99Posse in the Kyo project and with the artists' collective Avatar 41°.

Among Sinatti's recent projects is Symbiosis Orchestra, a collective performance with Iris Garrelfs, Scanner, Stefano Tedesco, Andrea Gabriele, Mario Masullo and Geoff Warren, for which Sinatti created an intricate system of superimposed screens that form a giant video chandelier.

The author of sensitive video-sets that gently conduce an emotional involvement, Claudio Sinatti's aim is not to shock, but to guide the audience participation along an ebb and flow of aesthetic meditation. Sinatti holds frequent lectures and workshops and teaches video design and live mixedmedia at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

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