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Yoshio Machida - Music from the SYNTHIYoshio Machida - Music from the SYNTHI
karu:29, CD (digipak)
13 audio tracks, (p) 2014
Release date: 11/02/2014

The machine that refuses to age

The SYNTHI AKS is a legendary machine. Manufactured by Electronic Music Studios in 1971, this portable modular synthesizer was extremely flexible. Not a keyboard synth like what Moog was doing at the time, this was a generative music machine with a matrix patch panel. Think Max/MSP in analog terms. Except that being analog, it wasn't entirely stable and, thus, had an organic quality that is still valued today.
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1 SYNTHI n°23 03:24
mp3 / m3u
2 SYNTHI n°29 03:52
3 SYNTHI n°17 03:06
4 SYNTHI n°01 02:03
5 SYNTHI n°16 02:29
6 SYNTHI n°02 03:22
7 SYNTHI n°26 03:22
8 SYNTHI n°07 03:18
9 SYNTHI n°25 03:33
10 SYNTHI n°04 03:26
11 SYNTHI n°14 03:28
12 SYNTHI n°19 02:07
13 SYNTHI n°30 06:43


Press quotes

Still, there's a fair smack of proto-glitch, vintage electronic and musique concrète meandering (if such terms don't repel) for your exploration beforehand, all of which is proffered not in the name of novelty but as a museum of evocative miniatures.

The sound is wonderful and the artist, thanks to his free-improvisation approach, goes beyond a simple enumeration of technical options. Yoshio Machida cares about the "conceptual" rigor of the project, but allows himself to be carried along by the seductive power of an eclectic and "joyful" experimentation.
NEURAL, July 2014

Au-delà de l'exercice technique et de la beauté minimale de la chose, ce disque est aussi une exploration introspective et intimiste qui lui donne une âme qu'on n'avait pas soupçonné au départ. Yoshio Machida a su donner au Synthi AKS une sensibilité retrouvée.
LIABILITY, July 2014

Music from the SYNTHI is full of unfinished harmonies of an endless duration, ephemeral shades that could be the start of an indefinite brightness.
HAWAI, July 2014

A really great CD, not only for synth friends, but for everyone!
FREISTIL, June 2014

What strikes - oddly for what seems an ostensibly clunky machine - is a rigorous yet refined, tough yet strangely tender, delicacy, as Machida transmutes sine-wave base metal into something gold-like-dislocated arpeggios, weird wind-up bird-chirp, calling up clouds of buzzing insects, hissing or whistling into a vivid vernacular evoking the frontier spirit of electronic pioneers.

Music from the SYNTHI could be regarded as a proper classic composition by following generations of music lovers in a century or two.
CHAIN DLK, June 2014

This limited CD features improvised sonic explorations that touch on themes of solitude, introspection and discovery.

An austere form of ethnic music encapsulated in an electronic form.
FELTHAT, April 2014

Tantôt en pulsations arythmiques, tantôt en mode chill convoquant Eliane Radigue, les treize titres font preuve d'une grande diversité, le mot rimant plus que jamais avec liberté, celle que nous admirons chez un électronicien de la trempe de Jakob Kirkegaard.
RIFRAF, April 2014

Equal parts fascinating and enthralling.

Machida tweaks and sculpts an array of weird and wonderful sounds.

Ce qui joue ici, ce n'est pas moins la délicatesse d'exécution de Machida que sa manière de sculpter le silence au poinçon, de transformer des arpèges disloquées et sur-aigues en d'étranges piaillements d'oiseaux mécaniques, d'évoquer avec des nappes crépitantes des bourdonnements d'insectes, ou d'élaborer au grès de bip-bip ou de sifflements chuintants, un étrange langage aussi farfelu que délicieusement suranné.
DMUTE, March 2014

Machida outlines volatile and spatial sound images as mini sound art installations.
KINDAMUZIK, March 2014

Very refined work of brutality meeting something way softer.
VITAL WEEKLY, March 2014

"Music from the SYNTHI" delights in terms of diversity and generated colors.
NOWA MUZYKA, March 2014